Pisco Sour Making:
Learn how to make the most famous drink in Peru, part pisco, part lime juice, part simple syrup and a lot of shaking! Blend your own infusion of mango, coca leaf, licorice or hot pepper.
Pisco Tasting Flights:
Your choice of four different varieties culled from hundreds of piscos already vetted by our resident experts. You’ll get an up close and personalized introduction to its history, diffusion, the process and how to best appreciate Peru’s national drink. Choose from a single grape varietal, a Master Distiller’s inspirations across various varietals, Elevation, North to South or our house favorites.

Pisco-Chocolate Pairing:
In collaboration with our Cusco Museum cohorts, Museo del Pisco and Choco Museo bring out the best in each other! You’ll learn the essence of chocolate with a primer on pisco all at once: how to distinguish flavors and complements to come up with the best pairings. A very cultural, culinary
and cusquean experience.

Cocktail Classes with Pisco:
Step behind our famous bar and learn from the masters. We’ll also include a tapa of your choice as you shake away the drinks of your choice. We have three unique experiences to select from, select any three cocktails:
1) Cocktail Classics with Pisco: Pisco Sour, Pisco Punch, Capitan, Zamboni or Chilcano de Pisco
2) Cocktails with Pisco created at the Museo: Marticha, Valicha, Cusqueaita Linda, Felipillo or Martinillo
3) Cocktails Mixto: Pisco Sour, Marticha, Capitan or any three from our menu.